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Christine is completely bilingual and is happy to discuss any question or request either in Welsh or English .You are welcome to speak with Christine in your preferred language 

The painter, Christine Williams also known as Melangell, from Powys, Wales, is reviving the ancient Arabian art-form of using pure, pigmented beeswax as the medium for her paintings.

Since earliest history human beings have sought to decorate their dwellings with colour and image, and to illustrate what it is they see around them.

'In my part of Wales the landscapes have great sweeping, rounded hills, and everywhere is green. The beauty in nature is a free gift for us all, and I strive to capture some of it in my paintings as an acknowledgement of how lovely our world can be.



'The tools I use are the tools of today' Melangell says, 'the ancient artists used to melt the wax in bowls on the fire, but the art form is the same as all those centuries ago...


Christine talking about her love of beeswax painting - see below for some examples - For a more comprehensive guide on her process please go to the ' HOW DOES SHE DO IT " page or click the link here 

Beeswax is very much a part of the natural world, and when its creamy tones are blended with the different colours of the spectrum, it can allow a painter to create exquisite and almost three-dimensional effects.

“Some of my favourite subjects are of old stone work, perhaps an old cottage or barn or an ancient Celtic cross, reclaimed and softened by Nature” she says.


Recently she has experimented with using differing materials with the beeswax, to create an even greater three- dimensional effect.

​Paintings are sold as original and price is according to size. Prints are also available!



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