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Here are examples of quotations incorporated into

original paintings 




Begin with the possible; begin with one step;


Confine yourself to the present;


Do the thing and you will have the power;


Do what you feel;


Every end is a new beginning;

Family - where life begins and love never ends. 

Friends are the family you choose for yourself;

It is not the critic that counts…the credit belongs to the one in the arena;

Life is an adventure or it is nothing;

Life is fun with you.

Live in the moment – every moment.

Love me love my cat 

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent;(E.Roosevelt)

No one says at the end " I wish I d spent more time in the office "

Only those who dare truly live .


Praise the one who knows the great enthusiasms;

The cock crows but the hen delivers the goods!


The difference between a flower and a weed is a judgement;


This above all: to thine own self be true;


There are no strangers here – only friends you have not yet met;


The smallest feline is a masterpieceTo live at all is miracle enough. (M. Peake);


..Those twin counsels twixt head and heart wherein lie genuine wisdom (W. Wordsworth); 

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful 


Who can believe there is no soul behind those luminous eyesl


Work is love made visible;


Your child’s childhood is fleeting – blink and it’s gone!




















Cymraeg: Welsh


Awel i’m enaid wyt ti;


Cariad yw popeth;


Caredigaeth yw’r cwbwl;


Fy ffrind gorau, fy nghariad;


Gwynebwch eich ofnau;


Na thralloder eich calon;


Nis gadawaf chwi yn ymddifad;


O bydded i’r hên iaith parhau;


Rhaid i’r iaith fyw;


Rwy’n dy garu di;


Sut y galla’i d’anghofio di!


Ti wyddost beth ddywed fy nghalon;


Y cam gyntaf yw’r un pwysig;


Y ceiliog sy’n canu, ond yr iâr sy’n gwneud y gwaith.


Yr ydyn ni gyd yn unigryw.

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