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BLOG 1 26 MARCH 2021 (

When I first heard of painting with beeswax, some thirty years ago, I was rather incredulous. My response was: as an artist ‘How can you PAINT using beeswax?’

Of course, I came to realise that beeswax was the wonderful, organic medium into which pigments had been added. I tried – and I was hooked. I fell in love with beeswax as a painting medium.

Sometimes now, working on a large commission with intricate detail required, I would give anything for a fine brush, but I use electricity to melt the beeswax and have to confine myself to the following utensils I call my brushes:

  1. A flat iron (with no holes!);

  2. A soldering iron (with two different, exchangeable heads: one like a pen and the other with a little collection of ‘Brillo-like’ strands which constitutes a brush;

  3. A hot-air gun (a paint stripper) to move the wax around on the paper.

  4. Paper that is non-absorbent which allows you to move the wax around until you reach the result you seek.

I like describing painting with beeswax as playing. It lifts your heart and your spirit. Seeing people in a workshop having a go at painting with beeswax and relishing an accidental but beautiful little painting they produce is an honour and a pleasure.

‘For the first time I’ve painted a picture!’ they often exclaim. I feel sometimes that showing people and encouraging them to see that painting with beeswax is a good experience, one that lifts one’s spirits, is a worthwhile endeavour.

More soon, bye for now….


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